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4×4 West Coast @ Scheppie Saus 

the ultimate


Easy access for all types of vehicles. A place for people looking to get away from the crowds and the city.

The Pool perfect for cooling off

  Looking for a place to be quiet with time to reflect

Sit under the old Oak trees and soak up the energy that is over 100 years old.

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   Camp or book one of the cabins and spend the evenings under the clear skies (bring your telescope) sitting around the fire.

 4X4westcoast@Scheppie Saus.39pg.4x4 west coast what to do

      Hike into the mountains and refresh body and soul in one of the 2 rivers, 8 waterfalls and 2 Bridle falls. Take a dip in the rock pools

 4X4westcoast@Scheppie Saus.4jpg.4x4 west coast where to hike

   Share with your friends

 4x4 west coast friends4X4westcoast@Scheppie Saus.37pg.

   Get Danie to prepare one of his special Potjies or have a braai.

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  Get out on the farm

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         Bring the company out for a unique team building

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 And for those looking for the heart racing,

4X4westcoast@Scheppie Saus.69pg.

adrenaline pumping

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4X4 experience this is the place to be

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